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Children love Growing Room

It starts the moment they walk in the door. Your child gets an invitation to an adventure in a world that seems tailor made for their age. This “right-sized” town square has flower boxes, a “bake shop,” and even pretend streets running through it. Growing Room is where your child will feel valued and loved, setting the perfect stage for their early childhood education.

An education-centered environment

Growing Room has curriculum for all ages, from six weeks to twelve years in the before-and-after schoolers. Our kids stand out because they advance to elementary school ready to learn. Children benefit from our literacy-based curriculum filled with language, phonics, reading, writing and hands on math and science experiences. A bonus: they receive character development along the way.

Loving, qualified teachers – art activities and more

What sets Growing Room apart is how children are treated with integrity and respect and given a foundation for lifelong success. Our teaching professionals nurture our children, sharing their love of learning with planned, developmentally-appropriate curriculum for each age and stage, beginning at infancy. Our preschoolers’ days are filled with activities geared toward improving their communication skills,

arts and crafts, music and healthy outdoor play on our oversized playgrounds. Infants and toddlers also have curriculum and activities geared toward strengthening their minds and bodies. Our monthly calendar with themes and events will keep you informed, so you can plan ahead. When you come for a tour, please ask for a typical schedule for a classroom in your child’s age group.


Growing Room is open weekdays between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Because each child’s needs are unique, our pricing is best explained in person. Please stop by for a tour and to pick up a packet so our director can answer all your questions about pricing. We have an open door policy, so there’s no need for an appointment.

Growing Room offers a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily, plus two snacks, which are included in tuition. We are very conscientious of food allergies and do not allow any form of nuts in our centers. You can find our monthly menu included in our newsletter each month in the Parent Portal of the website.

Parents and caregivers are always welcome at Growing Room. In fact, we have a place specifically designed for you. In the Parent Corner, you enjoy a continental breakfast and review lesson plans for the day on our bulletin board or watch your child on our live video monitor. New moms can use our private nursing areas, too. And we have all kinds of events throughout the year to celebrate with our families.

All classrooms and playgrounds are equipped with video cameras. Parents are welcome to drop in during center hours to see their child’s classroom on the large screen TV located in the Parent Corner.

Meet actual Growing Room parents as they tell about their experience with our school.

Parents love knowing their children are in a safe, loving environment that fosters their learning and development. Children thrive at Growing Room. Click the button below to hear their stories.

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